Dads are Changing Millennial Parenting, Goodbye “Bad Dad” Cliché

Millennial Parenting is Shifting for Dads

Millennial dads are often portrayed in movies and TV programs as the “bad” parent.  They are the ones who are silly, risk takers, and reckless compared to moms.  Millennial moms are most often viewed as the parent that is doing it all: managing the home, the active caregiver, and also having a career.  This has become the norm in how dads are portrayed in films and advertising.

But statistics show that roles of Millennial parenting is evolving with an increase in moms entering the workforce and dads taking on the role of “house husbands” and “house dads” more often.  Disney’s research may help change the way Millennial dads are viewed.

Millennial Parenting and its Evolution since the Sixties

Viewers No Longer Relate to Dad Stereotypes as “Bad” Millennial Parenting

Disney’s studies have shown that viewers are not responding to the old stereotypes of parental roles and that this must change to remain relatable to viewers.  The media is lagging in providing an accurate presentation of the modern dad who is actually, in many cases, the househusband and main caregiver.  Dads are taking more active roles in parenting, with emotions driving the desire to “bond with, protect, help and entertain their children”.

Even though the roles have evolved with dads participating more as caregivers, changes have been slow to reflect the new role dads are taking on in movies, TV programs and advertising.  The Disney channel is paving the way to end the “bad dad” stereotype in its movies and programs.

Positive Benefits to Modernizing the Perception of Millennial Parenting Roles

Dads roles in films and television are not the only area that carries a negative tone.  It is the interaction with the on-screen children as well.  On-screen child actor’s behaviors toward dads needs to change – minimizing eye rolling, making fun of and criticizing dads.  Research shows that programs on the Disney channel portray father’s behavior as “ridiculous or buffoonery”.  Marketers are catching up with understanding Millennial parents and their new roles.  They are now showcasing dads in a more positive view.

Disney has dropped “bad dad” roles with old stereotypes to reflect the role dads play in the new “Millennial Lifestyle.”  In this evolution, the children are the ones who reap the biggest benefits with having two parents actively involved, yielding more one-on-one time together, which is a win for both parents and their children.

It’s now the Millennial dads’ turn to end the “bad dad” stereotypes for good.