Millennial travelers can be drawn to all-inclusive resorts, but only after a makeover from the Baby-Boomer era.

How All-Inclusive Resorts are Attracting Millennial Travelers

Millennial Travelers Are Looking for Progressive All-Inclusive Resorts

Upon landing in a tropical paradise such as Jamaica, many thoughts pop into one’s head upon seeing the welcome sign of an all-inclusive vacation stay at Sandals Resort. For the Millennial, the image of an older retiree couple in brightly colored resort-wear, holding their welcome drink wreaks of an outdated all-inclusive resort.

Until now, all-inclusive resorts have not been on the Millennial travelers‘ radar. For the Millennial traveler, an all-inclusive resort stay has been the opposite of fun, young, or the right vibes.

At least until now…the days of all-inclusive resorts only targeting Baby-Boomers are over.

Resorts are Tempting Millennial Travelers

The Millennial traveler is not attracted to the same travel experience that their parents or grandparents have enjoyed for decades. While experts predicted that the all-inclusive industry would see a rise in business come 2017, consider this: How is the travel industry enticing Millennials to stay at all-inclusive resorts?

All-inclusive resorts are successfully discarding the old stereotypes of being only for the “budget conscious” or strictly for “families.” They are creating a new image focused on catering to Millennial travel trends: boosting amenities, luxury, and the “cool factor.”

It is well known that Millennials thrive on experiences, and love any experience that is customized to their interests and/or passions. As a part of that experience — whether they’re staying at a plush boutique hotel or enjoying a more rustic adventure — Millennials want an authentic connection with the local culture too.

Millennials are Looking for “Experiential” Travel

Gone too are the days of spending an entire trip sitting around at an all-inclusive resort.  Resorts are now wisely adapting, offering Millennial travelers experiences and options that go beyond the resort itself. Excursions into nearby cities, sights and unique activities tied to local culture are very alluring to the Millennial traveler.

Millennial Travelers are more and more taking part in activities such as horseback riding, hiking to waterfalls, etc, which adds to the travel experience (and can get them out in the first place).

Millennials may also venture out for the inverse of this too: traveling to participate in a weekend of hunting (the experience leading their decision to go), with inclusive amenities that come with it — such as lodging and meals — being a bonus. Another example: Millennials drawn to explore their palates might venture to another state, or country, to taste food from a range of celebrity chefs who rotate through resorts.

The more modern, all-inclusive resorts continue to tap into the concept of experiential travel, the more Millennial travelers they will inevitably have showing up on their doorstep with their wallets open.