How All-Inclusive Resorts are Attracting Millennials

For starters: They’re shedding their baby boomer image.


When you leave the arrivals gates at Sangster International Airport in Jamaica, to your immediate left is a wood-paneled porch featuring the Sandals Resorts International logo. Moms and dads in tropical print shirts hang by the front door, cocktails in hand, waiting for their transport to the ubiquitous all-inclusive resort, about a 15-minute drive away.

This is what we often picture when we think of all-inclusive resorts: post-retirement parental units in sensible swimwear with a strong rum cocktail, protected from the booze-fueled ruckus of spring breakers, free to do the conga and ask for seconds at the buffet at all hours — because heck, you’re on vacation!

Not shockingly, this is not appealing to many Millennials. While experts predicted that the all-inclusive industry would see a rise in business come 2017, consider this: What are the resorts doing appeal to the non-Boomer traveler?

In shedding the polarizing label of “budget travel,” all-inclusive resorts are changing up their offerings to be…[read the full article at]