Changing America, Part V: The Coming Millennial Boom

“Across the nation, that younger generation, the millennial generation, is rising. It is the most diverse generation in American history, and also the largest generation in the workforce. “


In the weeks before residents of Tulsa, Okla., went to the polls last spring, coasters started showing up in the city’s bars advertising a party outside the county elections office.

The group of civic-minded young professionals who paid for the coasters offered free Uber rides to the party, where people could vote early. They ordered pizzas and set out yard games. They paid for buses to truck in high school seniors, eligible to vote for the first time.

In April, voters approved a bond measure raising taxes to fund economic development with more than 70 percent of the vote. In June, the incumbent mayor lost his bid for reelection to a younger city council member who promised a more livable city.

In both elections, turnout among voters under age 40 soared by 50 percent.

“Getting new voters to show up is really the ultimate metric,” said Daniel Regan, who headed the young professionals group that paid for the party and the Uber rides. “You can have that voting bloc that will take ownership of your community.”…[read the full article at]

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