Budweiser NOT King of Beers Anymore, per Millennial Taste

Growing Influence of Millennials Means Budweiser No Longer Top Selling Beer

Budweiser has fallen from being top spot as the “King of Beers” in America, falling below the top three beers in recent sales polls. In December 2017, Miller Lite beat Budweiser in sales and ousted the “King of Beers” from their number three spot.

Budweiser has ranked as one of the top three beers in America since tracking initiated in the 1970s, but for the first time in history that is no longer the case.  In a 2016 report by Bloomberg, Anheuser-Busch only sold a third of what was sold back in its 1980s heydays.

Budweiser Beer is Losing Millennial Interest

Compared to previous generations, Budweiser has failed to engage with Millennial beer drinkers.  Since Millennials are the largest beer drinking generation, their lack of interest in Budweiser has caused a drop-off for the once top-selling beer. UBS data shows that Millennial beer drinkers are less likely to recommend Budweiser than the broader U.S. population.

The beer industry has taken a hit with a 1% decrease in beer penetration, while wine and spirits have remained unfazed.  Additionally, data suggests that the Millennial drinker is consuming less alcohol than other generations, moving away from beer in particular.

This downward trend in beer drinking — and a growing preference for more in the craft beers department — will continue, unless the beer industry figures out how to more relevantly connect with Millennial beer drinkers.

Source: BusinessInsider.com