70% Of Brands Use Instagram Influencers

“As retailers look for ways to market to an increasingly social-driven market, putting influencers at the heart of the marketing strategy is a rising trend. According to L2’s recent study, it pays off in terms of engagement.”

Source: retaildive.com

Dive Brief:

  • Influencers are widespread throughout many retail sectors and 70% of brands across industries are working with influencers through Instagram partnerships, according to research firms L2.
  • Within the retail industry, the popularity of influencers varies by sector. Leading the industry are luxury brands, 91% of whom reported using Instagram influencers, followed by activewear (84%) and beauty (83%) brands. On the low side of the spectrum are consumer electronics brands, 61% of whom use Instagram influencers, food and beverages (45%), personal care (38%) and home care (16%), according to the study.
  • Advocate influencers drive the strongest relationships with shoppers, with an 8% rate of engagement, followed by micro-influencers (4%) and celebrities (1.6%), the study found… [read the full article at retaildive.com]